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3G Full Form

What is 3G full form ? According to International Mobile Telecommunications (ITU) specification for the Third-Generation of mobile phone technology . 3G advanced  have higher data speed, better audio and video streaming including support for video calls, Internet TV etc. 3G details 3G (brief for third technology) is the third generation of wi-fi mobile telecommunications technology. It is the upgrade for 2.5G and 2.5G GPRS networks, for faster records transfer.This is primarily based on a hard and fast of standards used for cellular devices and cellular telecommunications use offerings and networks that follow the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000) specifications by means of the International Telecommunication Union. 3G reveals utility in wireless voice telephony, cellular Internet get right of entry to, fixed wireless Internet get admission to, video calls and cellular TV. related : 4g full form 3G advantage 3G telecommunication networks assist services that offe

59 (Fifty Nine) apps banned in India, banned apps liste

59 Chinese apps banned in India The Centre has blocked fifty nine apps with Chinese links that covered the hugely popular TikTok, WeChat and UC Browser, amid a big financial backlash towards China following the June 15 clashes at Ladakh in which 20 Indian soldiers died in action. Sources said inputs from intelligence businesses recommended that the apps were violating the phrases of usage, compromising users privacy, and being used as adware or malware. Within minutes of the announcement, the Indian government's TikTok account MyGov, which had 1.1 milliorn followers, changed into disabled. The circulate comes an afternoon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India has given a "befitting response" to China. He also stated the national call for boycott of Chinese goods, juxtaposing it towards the government's "Atma Nirbhar Bharat" campaign. In a declaration this evening, the government stated the apps were blocked "in view of information available they

CRPF Full Form, qualification,salary, height

What is the full form of CRPF?  The full form of CRPF is Central Reserve Police Force.  It is a Paramilitary Force which is the largest Central Armed Police Force in India.  The CRPF works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  The main goal of this force is to help the Governments of all states to maintain law and order in their areas.  Its Ka Headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. The Government of India has established CRPR Academy to train young candidates to be recruited in this force. This force is known as Paramilitary Force.  On 27 July 1939, the CRPF first emerged as a Crown Representative Police.  And after independence it was changed to Central Reserve Police Force under the CRPF Act on 28 December 1949.  CRPF is a central paramilitary force central i.e. it acts below the central government, due to which this force is not tied within the boundaries of a state.  CRPF can be transferred anywhere and anytime in our India.  CRPF is appointed at differen

DSP full form

DSP full form -  DSP full form Deputy Superintendent of Police.  DSP is called Vice President of Police .  In our country India, you can get admission in most of the jobs in two ways, either by getting promoted or by passing an exam, you can become a DSP by being an Inspector Promoted in such police department or by passing the UPSC or State PSC exam.  Can be directly DSP. DSP full form The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is an organization functioning under the central government. For your information, we would like to tell you that to become a DSP, the pattern of both UPSC and State PSC exams is the same.  But national level questions come in UPSC exam and state level questions come in state PSC exam. The most important thing that you have to prepare keeping in mind is that UPSC exam is a bit harder than State PSC exam. How to become a DSP  If you want to become a DSP, then you have to appear in the state level examination by the State Public Service Commission.  If you pass

UGC full form

What is UGC full form? The full form of UGC is University Grants Commission.  The UGC is a commission that grants Grants to all universities in the country.  Apart from this, University Grants Commission (UGC) also provides Affiliation to Colleges.  It is a statutory body which was started in 1956.  It was established by the central government to maintain the standard of university education in India.  Professor Ved Prakash was a great educationist when he started this institute.  The headquarters of the UGC is in New Delhi.  As of today, offices can be located in all major cities including Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore.  After independence, the Government of India thought that education should be given maximum importance from primary education to the highest level of education like PhD degree.  That is why they wanted to come up with a body that would ensure that education in India meets a certain standard.  The UGC was originally looking at Aligarh University, Banaras University a

CMS Full form

What is Full form of CMS CMS has a full form Content Management System.  A Content Management System (CMS) includes content, publishing, editing and modification as well as rules, procedures and.  Or allows its maintenance by connecting workflows from a central interface to a collaborative environment.   A CMS can serve as a central repository for content, which can be textual content, documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, or scientific data.It provides a common user interface that later allows multiple users to publish updates live on the web.  In simple words, it is a tool that helps you build a website, even if you do not know how to code from scratch.  CMS helps to make a website faster.  CMS supports a full Template without changing any content.  CMS is very easy to use.  It provides SEO Friendly URL.  It provides an Admin Panel in which a lot of languages ​​are available. CMS Functions  CMS has many functions like -  Creating Content  Revising Content  Storing Content  Inde

IP address full form

IP address full form Internet Protocol is the full form of IP. All our devices in which the Internet runs, all those devices have different IDs, which we call IP Address.  When we do an information search on the Internet from our mobile or computer, then from this IP address the router knows where to send the data and then he collects the information and sends it to the Internet Protocol Address from where he was given the command  Have gone . Format of IP Address  It is made from a binary digit of 32 Bit which is something like 100110101010100.100110101 which makes it difficult to remember.  Therefore, it is divided into four parts and separated by a decimal and each part can have a number ranging from 0 to 255 digits.  Such as -  Due to being 32 bit, it has become limited, only 4294967296 IP addresses can come in it, which is on the verge of ending.  So now a new IP Address System (IPv4) is needed which has been developed which is of 128 bit which can create Un