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MIS full form

MIS full form   MIS full form Management Information System .  MIS is called Management Information System in Hindi.  MIS includes Transaction System, Decision System, Expert System, Executive Information System etc.  MIS is a system designed to provide information to different organizations, making it easier for organizations to make decisions.  In simple words, MIS is a study of Technology, Organization and people. MIS full form The main objective of MIS is to give the right information to the right person in the right place.  It is updated on daily and weekly basis in the form of Information Reports.  The MIS does not only reflect the state of the organization's business, but also shows why the business situation is getting right and bad. MIS has three main elements - 1. Management - Management is a process in which people work with each other to accomplish the goal of the organization.   2. Information - Information is like fuel for any organization because wit