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What is the full form of CRPF?  The full form of CRPF is Central Reserve Police Force.  It is a Paramilitary Force which is the largest Central Armed Police Force in India.  The CRPF works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.  The main goal of this force is to help the Governments of all states to maintain law and order in their areas.  Its Ka Headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. The Government of India has established CRPR Academy to train young candidates to be recruited in this force. This force is known as Paramilitary Force.  On 27 July 1939, the CRPF first emerged as a Crown Representative Police.  And after independence it was changed to Central Reserve Police Force under the CRPF Act on 28 December 1949.  CRPF is a central paramilitary force central i.e. it acts below the central government, due to which this force is not tied within the boundaries of a state.  CRPF can be transferred anywhere and anytime in our India.  CRPF is appointed at differen