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NABARD full form - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development- Do you know what NABARD is and what NABARD does?  If not, then read this article what is NABARD today. 
 In this article, you will learn about all these topics related to NABARD such as what is NABARD, what is the full form of NABARD in Hindi and English.  What are the official site of NABARD etc.

What is NABARD and what does it work for.

NABARD is a big bank of our country India.  NABARD was established on 12 July 1982 AD.  NABARD is headquartered in Mumbai from where NABARD is operated all over the country.  It works to enhance the rural economy of our country.

 Kisan Credit Cards are designed by NABARD only.  Due to which many farmers have benefited.  With the help of Kisan Credit Card, farmers can easily take a loan from the bank.
The full form of NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.  In Hindi it is called "National Rural and Agricultural Development Bank".

 NABARD was established on July 22, 1982 on the recommendation of the Sivaraman Committee formed in 1981 with paid up capital of Rs 100 crore.  The paid up capital of NABARD in 2010 was Rs 2000 crores.

 NABARD is an apex institution providing loans to institutions related to agriculture and rural development.  NABARD is provided finance from time to time by the Government of India, World Bank and other agencies for lending.  NABARD also provides loans to other government banks and regional rural banks so that these banks can provide loans to agriculture, small scale industries, cottage and village industries and handicrafts etc.
NABARD full form - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

 Vacancy is taken out of many vacancies every month in NABARD Bank, which you can see in the Career Notice menu of the official site of NABARD.  If you want to join NABARD, you can also connect with their Facebook page or follow on Twitter.

 NABARD Official Website -

 NABARD's Facebook Page - NABARD Facebook Page

 Final Thoughts -

 So friends, in today's article, you have learned what NABARD is (NABARD kya hai) and what is the full form of NABARD in Hindi (nabard ka full form in hindi) and English.  You will definitely like this information about NABARD Bank.

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