IP address full form

Internet Protocol is the full form of IP. All our devices in which the Internet runs, all those devices have different IDs, which we call IP Address.  When we do an information search on the Internet from our mobile or computer, then from this IP address the router knows where to send the data and then he collects the information and sends it to the Internet Protocol Address from where he was given the command  Have gone .

Format of IP Address

 It is made from a binary digit of 32 Bit which is something like 100110101010100.100110101 which makes it difficult to remember.  Therefore, it is divided into four parts and separated by a decimal and each part can have a number ranging from 0 to 255 digits.  Such as -

 Due to being 32 bit, it has become limited, only 4294967296 IP addresses can come in it, which is on the verge of ending.  So now a new IP Address System (IPv4) is needed which has been developed which is of 128 bit which can create Unlimited IP Address and it is something that looks like - 2102: db4: 0: 1134: 0:  367: 1: 2
IP address full form
IP address full form

 Version of IP Address

 IP Address Only two versions have been developed so far

 IPv4 (Internet Protocol address version 4)

 IPv6 (Internet Protocol address version 6)

 Types of IP Address

 There are two types of IP Address -

  •  Private IP Addresses
  •  Public IP Addresses

Private IP Addresses

 When many computers or devices are connected either with cable or wirelessly, they form a private network.  Each device within this network is assigned a unique IP Addresses to share files and resources.  The IP addresses of all devices in this network are called Private Addresses.

 Public IP Addresses

 Public IP Addresses are what Internet Service Provider provides.  This gives your home network an identity in the outside world.  These IP addresses are unique across the Internet.  Public IP addresses can be static or dynamic.  Static Public IP Address does not change and is primarily used to access a service on the Internet such as IP cameras, FTP servers, email servers, or for remote access to computers or web hosting.  Have to buy it from ISP.

 Dynamic IP Addresses take the available IP Addresses and change each time it is connected to the Internet.  Maximum Internet Users have their Computer.

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