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IP address full form

IP address full form Internet Protocol is the full form of IP. All our devices in which the Internet runs, all those devices have different IDs, which we call IP Address.  When we do an information search on the Internet from our mobile or computer, then from this IP address the router knows where to send the data and then he collects the information and sends it to the Internet Protocol Address from where he was given the command  Have gone . Format of IP Address  It is made from a binary digit of 32 Bit which is something like 100110101010100.100110101 which makes it difficult to remember.  Therefore, it is divided into four parts and separated by a decimal and each part can have a number ranging from 0 to 255 digits.  Such as -  Due to being 32 bit, it has become limited, only 4294967296 IP addresses can come in it, which is on the verge of ending.  So now a new IP Address System (IPv4) is needed which has been developed which is of 128 bit which can create Un

UGC full form

What is the full form of UGC The full form of UGC is University Grants Commission . The UGC is a commission that grants Grants to all universities in the country.  Apart from this, University Grants Commission (UGC) also provides Affiliation to Colleges.  It is a statutory body which was started in 1956.  It was established by the central government to maintain the standard of university education in India.  Professor Ved Prakash was a great educationist when he started this institute.  The headquarters of the UGC is in New Delhi.  As of today, offices can be located in all major cities including Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore. UGC full form  After independence, the Government of India thought that education should be given maximum importance from primary education to the highest level of education like PhD degree.  That is why they wanted to come up with a body that would ensure that education in India meets a certain standard.  UGC was originally Aligarh University, Bana

EMI full form

EMI full form The full form of EMI is Equated Monthly Installment .  EMI is called equal monthly installment in Hindi language.  If EMI is said in simple terms then it is a type of monthly installment.  The person who has to pay every month who buys any kind of product on EMI. Friends, we hope that by reading the full form of EMI, you will understand what EMI is.  So now let's talk about other general information about it. EMI full form The full form of EMI is Equated Monthly Installment.  To repay the money taken as a loan from EMI Bank or any Financial Institutions, the bank gives you the facility to repay the loan amount in installments.  For this, an amount is fixed for you by the bank and a period is also fixed for completing that amount.  You have to submit the entire loan of the bank in the same period.  Under EMI, you have to give an amount to the bank which has both principal and interest and this amount has to be given within the given time limit.  If the int

MCA Full Form

MCA Full Form    MCA Full Form Master of Computer Application.  MCA is a 3-year Degree Course.  Today, the use of Computer, Internet is increasing in the world.  In today's time, learning computer has become a common thing, but now people are also seen working hard to do something new in it.  One such course related to Computer and Information Technology is MCA.  What is important for MCA, so let's talk about it now. MCA full form  Students who want to do MCA, those students must have graduated in Computer Science, Information Technology from any recognized university.  That is, students who have completed BCA, B.Sc.  Have done, they can take admission in MCA.  To do MCA, students must have Mathematics or Statistics Subject in 12 th.  There are also Entrance Examination for MCA which is very mandatory to give.  Which is called All India MCA Common Entrance Test. MCA consists of 6 semesters.  In the first semester, there are usually Basic Subject and along with this,

NABARD full form

NABARD full form NABARD full form - National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developmen t- Do you know what NABARD is and what NABARD does?  If not, then read this article what is NABARD today.   In this article, you will learn about all these topics related to NABARD such as what is NABARD, what is the full form of NABARD in Hindi and English.  What are the official site of NABARD etc. NABARD full form What is NABARD and what does it work for. NABARD is a big bank of our country India.  NABARD was established on 12 July 1982 AD.  NABARD is headquartered in Mumbai from where NABARD is operated all over the country.  It works to enhance the rural economy of our country.  Kisan Credit Cards are designed by NABARD only.  Due to which many farmers have benefited.  With the help of Kisan Credit Card, farmers can easily take a loan from the bank. The full form of NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.  In Hindi it is called "National Rural and Agricu

MIS full form

MIS full form   MIS full form Management Information System .  MIS is called Management Information System in Hindi.  MIS includes Transaction System, Decision System, Expert System, Executive Information System etc.  MIS is a system designed to provide information to different organizations, making it easier for organizations to make decisions.  In simple words, MIS is a study of Technology, Organization and people. MIS full form The main objective of MIS is to give the right information to the right person in the right place.  It is updated on daily and weekly basis in the form of Information Reports.  The MIS does not only reflect the state of the organization's business, but also shows why the business situation is getting right and bad. MIS has three main elements - 1. Management - Management is a process in which people work with each other to accomplish the goal of the organization.   2. Information - Information is like fuel for any organization because wit

ATM full form

ATM full form You must be using ATM in your daily activities.  We have to use ATM for all the work to withdraw money or to whom to send money.  But do you know what is the full form of ATM? ATM full form  Automated Teller Machine  This question is often asked in many competitive examinations, due to lack of correct information, many candidates are defeated here and are unable to answer this question.  In this post, we will learn about the full form of ATM and information related to ATM.  Many of us think that ATM full form is Any Time Money but it is not correct.  Today we will get information about the full form of ATM. ATM full form  ATM is known by various names in other parts of the world.  In Canada, ATMs are also known as ABM (Automatic Banking Machine).  In other countries, the terms Cash Point, Cash Machine, Mini Bank and "Hole in the wall" are used.  So today I thought why don't you know what is the full form of ATM?  The correct answer should be told

CV full form

CV full form CV full form Curriculum Vitae .  It is a written review of a person's educational qualifications and other experience.  It is the complete profile of the candidate, including his full name, phone number, address, e-mail.  Mail, educational qualifications, hobbies, achievements, soft skills, popular languages, computer skills, career goals, marital status, etc.  The ideal CV should not contain:  more than 2 or 3 A4 size pages. CV FULL FORM   There is no need to provide you with a photo, salary history, references and the reason for leaving your previous job in the CV.  These details must be provided to the employer upon request separately. In most of the Commonwealth countries, such as Ireland and the United Kingdom, the CV does not contain more than 2 pages.  It includes only a brief description of the job history of job seekers, educational information and some personal information.  In some parts of Asia, an applicant's photo, date of birth, and the l

IMF full form

IMF full form Full form of IMF  is  International Monetary Fund . Headquartered in Washington, DC, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization of 189 countries working to increase global financial cooperation, international trade, secure financial stability, high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce global poverty.  Created in 1945, it is managed by the IMF and is accountable to 189 countries that make up its near-world membership.  The primary purpose of IMFs is to ensure the stability of the international financial system - especially by focusing on policies that affect exchange rates and balancing payments that enable countries (and their citizens) to transact with each other.  The fund's mandate was updated in 2012 to cover all financial sectors and macroeconomic issues that contribute to global stability.  The IMF now plays a central role in balancing the financial crisis and the international financial crisis.  Countries contri

Ok full form

Ok full form Ok full form is oll korrect OK (OK) is an obscure English word that implies approval, acceptance, consent or acceptance.  Okay a joke misspelling of "All Correct" requires a bit of historical historical context to understand the overview. OK is the English word that we use in common parlance, but rarely have you ever thought that it also has a full form, if not we can tell you that its full form is 'Oll Korrect'.  This means that everything is correct.  Well, A is all and C is correct, but in history, it was 'oll korrect' to do it in a funny way.  Remember and share as much as possible. What is the full form of OK?  This question must have come in your mind at some time or the other.  Most people believe that OK is a short form of the word Okey, which means 'ok' if it is said in Hindi, but in fact it is not a joke.  You might be surprised to know that the word Ok is very old. The full form of OK is "All Correct".  OK is

MSME full-form

MSME  full-form   MSME  full-form Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.  MSME is India's leading agency in small, medium and medium enterprises, rules, regulations and legislation.  MSME is a branch of Government of India.  Turnover and workforce of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises vary by country.  In India, under Section 7 of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, the Government of India specifies the size of small, small and medium enterprises based on investment.  In the case of manufacturing enterprises, investment in plants and machinery is not more than Rs.2 million for micro enterprises, where investment in plants and machinery is specified as small enterprises of Rs.2 million to Rs 1 crore, and where investment in plant and equipment is specified as Rs.5 crore to Rs 10 crore as medium enterprises.  The same is mentioned  Enterprise bhisa cases, materials investment is more than Rs 10 lakh for micro-enterprise, where

GDP full form

GDP full form GDP full form Gross Domestic Product. GDP is the total Pecuniary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time. As a wide measure of overall domestic production, it works like a wide score of the economic health of the country, though GDP is usually counted on annual basis, it can be calculated on a quarterly basis. In the United States, the government, each quarter and expressed an annual GDP estimate for a whole year. Indeed, most of the data sets will also be given in the terms of the factor, which has been fixed for the price of value, and so, the net of inflation is the net.GDP is the most commonly used measure of economic activity. GDP full form The main issues of GDP GDP are private exporters, investment lack of investment, investment, private innovation, and export foreign balance of trade, imported. Nominal GDP is the measure of raw information. Real GDP influences inflation effects a

HR full form

HR full form   HR  stand for human resource. who make up the work force of an organisation, that is employee of a company is a resource for the company. The manager who is responsible  recruiting the candidates. They are responsible for hiring, positioning and overseeing the employees of an organization. It is also termed as “People Administration”, “Manpower”, “Labour”, etc. HR is used to specify the individuals who make up the work force of an organization, as each employee of a company is a resource for the company. The manager who is responsible for recruiting the candidates, provide direction to the newly recruited employees in a structured manner and handling management tasks is called HR Manager.(HR full form Human resources) HR full form Following the important function of HR To hire  staff for the organisation To motivate the employee Training and development Performance appraisal for the employee Administration and record keeping  counseling and grievance ha

TBH full form, TBH meaning in social media

TBH full form TBH full form "To Be Honest". It is an internet  hashtag over internet on social media. "Tbh," the acronym that stands for "to be honest," has taken on a different meaning since it was first adopted by teens. A tbh is almost like an Instagram currency - you can trade a tbh for a like on one of your photos. "[You] post a picture saying something like 'like for a tbh or comment for a tbh,'" Sammy says. After they get their like, comment, or follow, the teen will then go to give a tbh on a user's last post or direct message them on the app, she explains. There are myriad reasons why a teen might do this: They're bored, hoping to connect with a crush, to get a confidence boost, or simply to accrue more likes and followers. A tbh is also a way to talk to someone you normally wouldn't talk to, Sammy explains to TI. Those people are usually friends of friends, or people teens may not have necessarily met in